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Inside the community you will find a group of encouraging, uplifting friends!  Women who are passionate about living a full, energetic life!  We have a reason to jump out of bed each day.  Trying new foods and activities that give us the energy to make us feel great.  We are Dancing Sunflowers!!  Dancing makes us feel alive and Sunflowers are a symbol of strength and energy and have the power to bring people joy! Dancing sunflowers express what it means to be Sprightly! 

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Do you feel like you're alone on your health journey? Is there an area of your life that you wish was more fulfilling? Inside the Dancing Sunflowers, you will find the tools and encouragement to go after the things that will bring joy to your life! Each month we add new content, workshops and guest speakers on topics our members choose. YOU are a whole person. A unique person. Your journey is your own and you decide which path you choose and how you want to procede. In addition, each month, you receive a personalized call serving as a touch point to celebrate what you achieved the month before as well as create new steps for the coming month! That call is valued at $100 and you receive so much more for only $19 per month.

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