Do you have a Creativity Bug (2)

Do you have a “Creativity Bug”?

Do you feel the need to be creative? Like there is something missing if you don’t have a creative outlet? Do you put rules around how you use or share your gift? Do you wonder if your creativity truly is a gift?

So many questions!! There are times I actually feel “antsy” if I don’t have something creative I’m working on. However, over the years, I have placed a lot of rules around my need to be creative. Sometimes it seemed like wasted time or money simply to create for the thrill of creating. After all, if it doesn’t ultimately serve a purpose, is it worthwhile?

I am learning to see this desire to be creative in a new light. I am happier and feel more fulfilled when I am creating something. Currently, I have a wonderful, patient group of ladies who are teaching me to knit a prayer shawl. I look forward to the time I have designated to the project at the end of each day! The shawl is not perfect. For the first time in my life, I am okay with that. I am simply enjoying the process. And I relish the feeling of accomplishment as I watch it take shape. As the project progresses, I see fewer mistakes. Which is encouraging!

How about you? Can you relate to any of the questions above? If you would enjoy being part of a community of women who share your “creativity bug”, click the link below!

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