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Did you know that the third week in January is “Hunt For Happiness Week”? It was founded in 2001 by “The Society of Happy People” to promote the pursuit of happiness across the country. What a wonderful idea!

This made me think of a scavenger hunt!  It would be fun if, as you find things that make you happy, you share them with us.  Take a photo, send a GIF or a message.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:  spend some time outdoors (take a walk or look up at the sky); listen to your favorite song; “take tea” with a friend (coffee, or share a meal); connect with your co-workers (make eye contact and smile when you greet them); do something that feeds your soul (light a candle, meditate, simply BE in the moment).

I think it is important to acknowledge that some days it can be more difficult to find happiness.  On those days we may need to dig a little deeper.  The payoff is that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!  We can also ask, “How do I want to feel?”  It may seem simple, but we do actually get to choose how we want to feel.  While it doesn’t magically happen, the more we practice tuning into how we want to feel, the more easily we can connect with happy thoughts.

Maybe it would be helpful to create a visual reminder of what makes you happy.  Then on the days when happiness seems further away, you can focus on what you created!

So what do we do when we locate happiness?  Grab ahold of it!  Celebrate it!  Share it!  Maybe the happiness you share will be exactly what someone else is searching for!

We need one another now more than ever!  Your strengths are likely to be someone else’s weakness and vice versa.

Community and purpose are key elements of happiness.  Having this wonderful community of women to share life with makes me happy!  Sharing experiences and laughter on this journey is empowering. Knowing our purpose and living it each day is another source of happiness.  It’s the reason to jump out of bed each morning! 

Thank you for being here and sharing what you find on the scavenger hunt!  Now go out and fill the world with Sparkle, Joy, Love & Laughter!

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