Night Sky

As the sun sets and the moon and stars appear, AM quickly becomes PM. For those who are night owls, a whole new world opens up. Just stepping out the back door and looking up can do wonders for the spirit!

There’s something about a star-lit sky that fills the soul. The stars seem to go on forever, as if Heaven has pulled back the blue-sky curtain of the day. Now it’s time for the stars to put on a show for the whole world to see! Bright stars, twinkling stars, multi-color stars and shooting stars. They are putting on a display that even Hollywood cannot rival.

Then there’s the moon. A favorite is the wee-sliver of a crescent moon. Being just visible enough to add a bit of mystery. As if the moon is trying to hide, but peaks around the corner to see if anyone is looking.

How about seeing the International Space Station zoom by? Just a faint, bright dot moving incredibly fast through the sky! Doesn’t that ignite the imagination?!

Sometimes, the limitation of what we can see in the dark of night, quiets the mind and opens the heart. Why not spend a little time under the night-time sky and see what the Universe will display for you?

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