September Sky

As the weather begins to change, be sure to get outside. The daylight hours begin to get shorter, the air turns a bit more crisp and the leaves begin to change color. It’s time for football games, marching bands, fireside chats, jeans and cozy sweat shirts. While some folks begin thinking of the holidays as soon as it becomes cooler, I do my best to savor this time.

Each season has so much to offer. Unique smells and activities that are only accessible during that time. There are so many things we have access to whenever we want; so different from the world I grew up in. We had to wait….anticipate the things we looked forward to. Like seeing The Wizard of Oz on TV. It was aired once a year and if you missed it, you had to wait another entire year before you could watch it! We received presents only on special occasions, like our birthday and Christmas. Today we can have almost anything we want, whenever we choose.

Nature, however, continues to follow the same patterns it always has. Mostly. Our seasons have changed some, having colder winters and warmer summers which sometimes last longer than when I was a child. But the order of the seasons hasn’t changed. We can still count on the weather turning cooler in the fall, cold in the winter, warmer in the spring and hot in the summer (at least here on the East Coast).

What will YOU do to celebrate this new season?

Me? I’m heading outside.

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