Sprightly Colors!

Who knows what ROY G BIV stands for?  Anybody?  I’ll bet if you’re from the Philly area and are old enough to remember Captain Noah, you’ll remember that it stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  An easy acronym to you remember colors.  When I was a child, Crayola made the 64 box of crayons!!! All of those sprightly colors together in one box! There were colors like Apricot, Lemon Yellow, Thistle and Carnation Pink, just to name a few! Now Crayola makes a 120 count box. 

Then there’s the color wheel with the primary, secondary and complimentary colors. How about the colors of a sunrise or sunset?  Take a trip to Cape May, NJ, walk the streets and see the most colorful houses around.  Just goes to show you how important color is in everything we see and do.

What’s your favorite color?  Mine’s purple.  Any shade but I prefer a deep yet bright purple.  Wearing and seeing purple brightens my day.  That’s why I always have something purple in view.  Our living room walls are a shade of purple.  Purple coffee cup.  Purple earing.  Purple baseball cap.  The majority of my tee and dress shirts are purple. Purple bath towels.  I even have a purple smiley-face pillow! 

I don’t think there’s any shade of purple I don’t like.  But there are colors I don’t enjoy.  Bright orange walls in a room would drive me crazy yet bright orange flowers are beautiful.  It’s all in how we perceive colors and how they affect us individually.  Some colors take your breath away while others calm the waters and some simply make us say ahh.

So today, put on a color that makes you feel Sprightly. Whether it’s a brightly color or a nightly color wear a color that makes you feel good.  Does red float your boat?  How about lime green?  Does fuchsia fuel your spirit or does a spa blue sooth your soul?  You decide then color-up and thrive! You may even brighten’ someone else’s day.

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