Did you know that the state insect of PA is the Firefly? Yup, it’s true! That little glowing insect we collected as children in jars represents PA in the insect world. Who hasn’t enjoyed trying to catch one in your hand ever so delicately as not to hurt it but to see it glow in your palm? For some reason having a firefly crawl up your arm has never seemed like a big deal. I wonder if I would feel the same if it was a glowing spider….probably not!

Did you also know that the Firefly is having a tough time in office, so to speak? It seems that even the firefly is being affected by all the artificial light that we humans seem to need at night. Put simply, the firefly glows to attract one to another for fun in the dark. However, they’re having difficulty seeing each other due to light pollution. This includes light being emitted by sports fields, parking lots, shopping centers and lights around our home. You can do your part in making the firefly’s date night a bit more Sprightly by reducing the amount of light around your house (safely of course) for a week or so. Mr. and Mrs. Firefly convey a hardy thanks for your efforts! As you step outside to enjoy the view perhaps their Sprightly glow will rub off on you!

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