The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner

Lessons for living longer from the people who have lived the longest.

Have you ever seen someone living vibrantly into their 80’s or 90’s and wondered how they have achieved it? I have! Over the past decade I’ve observed many people aging at differing rates and wondered what makes the difference. Is it their diet, exercise regimen, outlook on life or simply good genes?

About 4 years ago I watched a series on the Blue Zones. A Blue Zone is a place in the world where higher percentages of the population live astoundingly long lives: Residents are able to retain health and vitality well into their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s! While each pocket of people live differently, there were a few commonalities. Good nutrition, daily movement, close relationships, a sense of purpose and a spiritual practice.

As I write this blog for our September newsletter, I am still reading this book. If you too have an interest in the Blue Zones, let’s chat! There is new research being done every day.

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